Title Date Classification Presentation Type
Au Nanoparticles-Internalized Nanodimple Substrates: Reproducible and Sensitive Plasmonic Sensing Platforms Jan 20, 2021  International  Poster 
SERS-Based Aptasensor for Rapid Diagnostic Confirmation of COVID-19 and Influenza A Jan 20, 2021  International  Poster 
Highly Sensitve SERS-Based Serodiagnosis of Three Different Acute Febrile Diseases Using Plasmonic Nanopopcorn Substrates Jan 20, 2021  International  Poster 
Nanoplasmonic Microdevice Platforms for In Vitro Diagnostics Jan 18, 2021  International  Invited 
Development of ultrasensitive SERS sensors using Au nanoparticles-anchoring nanodimple substrates Oct 12, 2020  International  Invited 
Application of SERS-based Microfluidics for Biomedical Diagnosis Dec 09, 2019  International  Invited 
SERS-based Lateral Flow Assay Sensors for Rapid and Sensitive Detection of Influenza A/B Viruses Dec 09, 2019  International  Poster 
Development of Ultrasensitive Plasmonic Sensors Using Au Nanoparticles-Internalized Au Nano-Dimple Arrays Dec 09, 2019  International  Poster 
In Vitro Diagnostics Using Optical Sensor: Current Status & Future Nov 15, 2019  International  Invited 
SERS-based microdevices for in vitro diagnostics Nov 07, 2019  International  Keynote 
A highly sensitive SERS-based aptasensor for early influenza diagnosis using a 3D multilayer gold/PEN plasmonic substrate Nov 08, 2019  International  Poster 
Performance evaluation of SERS-PCR sensors for future use in rapid and sensitive genetic assays Nov 08, 2019  International  Poster 
Application of SERS-based lateral flow biosensor for accurate diagnosis of dengue fever in tropical regions Oct 15, 2019  International  Poster 
Highly sensitive detection of botulinum toxins A and B using SERS-based magnetic immunosensors Oct 15, 2019  International  Poster 
Reproducible Immunoassay of Multiple Biomarkers Using SERS Mapping on Three-dimensional Nanopillar Arrays Oct 14, 2019  International  Invited 
Highly sensitive in vitro diagnostics using optical nanosensor: current status & future Jul 04, 2019  International  Invited 
Diagnosis of Scrub Typhus Using SERS-based Lateral Flow Assay Kit Jul 12, 2019  International  Oral 
SERS-based Microfluidics for Wash-free Immunoassay Jul 09, 2019  International  Invited 
Fabrication of functional SERS nanotags for the simultaneous imaging of multiple biomarkers expressed on cancer cells Jul 09, 2019  International  Poster 
Diagnosis of Scrub Typhus using highly sensitive SERS-based lateral flow assay Jun 25, 2019  International  Oral