Presenter Joung-Il Moon, Jaebum Choo 
Location 125th General Meeting of the Korean Chemical Society; μˆ˜μ› μ»¨λ²€μ…˜μ„Όν„°, μˆ˜μ› (Online Meeting) 
Date Jul 07, 2020 
Classification Domestic 
Presentation Type Oral 


Title Date Classification Presentation Type
SERS-based Microfluidics for Authomatic Immunoassay Nov 18, 2015  International  Invited 
Highly sensitive detection of hazardous materials in foods using nano-plasmonics biosensor Nov 13, 2015  Domestic  Invited 
Application of Nanoplasmonics-based Microfluidic Sensor for Highly Sensitive Biomedical Detection Sep 04, 2015  International  Invited 
SERS-based Microfluidics for Automatic Immunoassay Aug 28, 2015  Domestic  Invited 
Application of SERS-based Immunoassay for Clinical Diagnostics Aug 11, 2015  Domestic  Invited 
Application of Nanoplasmonic Sensor for Early Disease Diagnosis Jul 03, 2015  International  Invited 
Nanoplasmonic-Based Microfluidic Sensor: A New Paradigm for Early Disease Diagnosis Jun 26, 2015  Domestic  Invited 
SERS-Based Microfluidics for Automatic Immunoassay May 08, 2015  Domestic  Invited 
Early Disease Diagnosis Using Nanoplasmonics-Based Optical Sensor May 06, 2015  International  Invited 
Jet-Cooled Laser-Induced Fluorescence Excitation Spectrum and Torsional Potential Energy Function of 7-Amino-4-(trifluoromethyl)coumarin Oct 19, 1996  Domestic  Invited 
Vector Representation of Ou-of-Plane Ring Vibration for the Kinetic Energy Expansion Function of Six-membered Ring Oct 19, 1996  Domestic  Invited 
Vibrational Potential Energy Surfaces of Non-Rigid Ring Molecules in Their S0 and S1 States Jul 16, 1996  Domestic  Invited 
Vibrational Analysis of 4H-Pyran; Conformations and Bonding of 1,4-Cyclohexadiene and Its Oxygen Analogues Jul 12, 1996  Domestic  Invited 
Conformations and Out-of-Plane Vibrational Potential Energy Surfaces of Small Ring Compounds May 02, 1996  Domestic  Invited 
The Application of Vibrational Spectroscopy for the Analysis of Molecular Conformation Apr 20, 1996  Domestic  Invited 
Conformational Dynamics of Bicyclic Compounds Jan 26, 1996  Domestic  Invited 
λ‚˜λ…Έκ΄‘μ„Όμ„œ μ‹œμŠ€ν…œμ˜ 원리와 μ‘μš© Apr 22, 2015  Domestic  Invited 
The Determination of Ring-puckering Potential Energy Functions and Vibrational Force-field Frequencies of Oxygen-containing Cyclohexadiene Analogues at the Hartree-Fock and Density Functional Levels Oct 25, 1997  Domestic  Invited 
Conformational Study of Benzene-fused Ring Compound 1,2,3,4-Tetrahydronaphthalene in its S0 and S1 Electronic States Oct 25, 1997  Domestic  Invited 
Conformational Study of Selected Benzene-Fused Ring Compounds Using Laser-Induced Spectroscopy Jan 31, 1997  Domestic  Invited